Friday, August 24, 2007

New Wings

New wing designs. These were designed by Rayl Graves. I don't usually accept other people's designs, but when he showed me his sketch, I knew they had to be made into wings. I did the photoshop work on these. I'm not very good at working on other people's things, it took me a while to finish them. But now they are done :)

Dear Lindens

Dear Lindens,

Please do the following before my head explodes:

1) Fix the embedded notecard link problems. 90% of my customer IMs are about this issue. Yes, I know the fix - You can drag the link/notecard from the main notecard directly into your inventory and it will open. But normal users don't know this. I've even put my help files online and I STILL get customer IMs over this. It's not their fault, they can't open them. It's not my fault either. This has been broken since JUNE. Get a move on!

2) Please teach newbies how to give inventory via the profile before they leave Orientation island. I cannot meet every newbie who wants to give me inventory in person and there seems to be no education in this before they leave Orientation island. Old timers laugh at me when I tell them I have a notecard with instructions, and then they double over laughing when I show them my illustrated guide to giving inventory. But newbies don't know. Again, not their fault.

3) Please teach newbies how to find people via Search-->people so they don't try to friend me so they can IM me. I feel horrid and mean when I decline friendships, but I don't friend unless people talk to me. Otherwise, my FL would be insane.

Kala Bijoux

Monday, August 20, 2007

Help Files on Web site

All Material Squirrel Help files are now online at our website.

I've also included screen shots in the online help files, which will hopefully be more helpful to people than just text instructions.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Angel Wings & Goth Wings

I actually released these last week, but with SL being so unstable, I didn't blog about them. But here they are :)