Friday, July 01, 2011

I made hair! And it's at the Hair Fair

All of the 3 updos above have color change options on the accessory parts (ie non-hair parts). I really love this option so you can customize your own hair to match your outfit. All of the updos come with hair bases on the tattoo layer so they look better on your head. (The part where the prims meet the forehead has always bugged as looking strange, but this makes it look better, I think.)

And one long do.

The Hair Fair opens tomorrow (July 2nd). I also created some turbans for Bandana Day and I will be featuring those on this blog too.

The Hair Fair benefits Wigs for Kids, here is my contribution so it is clear for all:
25% of the sales of the above hair styles goes to Wigs for Kids
100% of the Turban sales goes to Wigs for Kids

I also have some dollarbie hair at my store - it's a style that I love but it had some transparency issues.