Sunday, October 02, 2011

Dark Fairy Wings - Updated

A big change is (slowly) coming to Material Squirrel - I'm repackaging all of my flexi wings into color packs of 10 colors (same wing style) for the same price 299L. So you get 10 wings for 299L. Unfortunately (this is the catch), this is going to take me awhile to complete.  I've just finished the Dark Fairy Wing section, so please come take a look if you are interested in the style. (Please note this is NOT an upgrade to existing flexi wing version. The current version is still 4.2.1)

All of these wings are also in my new vendors - which allow you to buy as a gift or with store credit. And all my new vendors allow you to earn store credit. For every set of wing packs (or set of wings), you will receive store credit. Once that adds up, you can use your store credit to buy some wings!  If you wear your Material Squirrel group tag, you also get 10L extra in credit for each purchase.

Winged Chariot Taxi