Saturday, October 27, 2012

Muertos Masks

Muertos Masks at Material Squirrel - only 75L for a pack of 5!! The mask itself is mesh, unrigged so you can adjust it to fit your face.

You can get them on the marketplace and try a demo there too!

Or at my store.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Back Soon!

Real life stuff means I'm taking a break from working as hard as I usually do at Material Squirrel. I'm still answering emails and dealing with customer stuff, but just a lot slower lately.

Monday, May 28, 2012

New Angel Stuff for Petites

An inexpensive halo for Petite Angels - available for 5L only at my store
Uses particle effects for glow!

Sofiel Angel Wings in Petite Size

Valoel Angel Wings in Petite Size
On Marketplace
At my store

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Butterfly Wings

These wings debuted at the Fantasy Faire, but I never blogged them! These butterfly fairy wings are now in both my store and up on Marketplace. Available in both regular size and petite av mesh size! 

The RFL items from the faire are also in my store but will only be there until June.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mesh Horns - Now on Marketplace

I finally found the time to put all my mesh horns from the mesh fair on the Marketplace. I also realized I never featured them on my blog either! Link will take you to the SL Marketplace listing. These are NOT rigged mesh so you can edit and move them to fit your av.

Aquatic Head Fins - also great for dragons!

All of these horns are also available in world at my store - SL URL

I also put the Arna horns on the marketplace - tho I did a different pricing and size package with these. They are only on the marketplace currently.
Arna Horns in Pastels
Arna Horns in Pastels - Petite Size
Arna Horns in Darks
Arna Horns in Darks - Petite Av Size

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Material Squirrel @ Fantasy Faire - Relay for Life Items!

The Fantasy Faire opens today at noon (tho it might be open a bit earlier). Material Squirrel is on the Meandervale sim!

I have two new sets of wings for the Relay for Life benefit items (all sales go to benefit RFL). These are exclusive for RFL and will not be offered for sale after June EVER AGAIN. (After the Faire they will be up in my store until June).

The first is the Maiestre Fairy Wings in both regular avatar and petite/mini avatar sizes. These come in 10 colors and are 299L.

The second is a Fantasy Faire special - only 35L for 2 wings! Also in regular and petite avatar sizes

I've also released 3 new sets of Butterfly/fairy wings (NOT for RFL) at this Faire. Will be blogging about those soon too!

TP to my store on the Meandervale sim

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Haunted Zuzu Closing Sale + Discontinued Wings Sale + Mesh at my Store

With a bit of a heavy heart, I have decided to close my small clothing/accessory store, Haunted Zuzu. This was just a side project I've worked on at times over the years. But I know in the future I will not have time for it and I need the store space for other things. All Haunted Zuzu things are on sale from 45 to 55L, get them while you can. Haunted Zuzu Closing Sale Taxi

I also have some discontinued wings on sale in this section too - 45L for each pair! :)

(PS - Material Squirrel is NOT closing, don't worry.)

I know the mesh fair is super crowded and rather laggy for many - so I've put the mesh items in my new wings section - everything EXCEPT the 10L horn special. But those will eventually be in my store too (after the fair) - probably not as low of a price, but still low :). Taxi to New section at Material Squirrel

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Material Squirrel at March Mesh Madness Fair

Material Squirrel has several new mesh horns and tails available at the March Mesh Madness Fair. The Arna Horns are the fair special - for each color pack! (10L for dark pack, 10L for light pack). These horns are scripted with 6 textures each, size change, and animations. PLUS they include a petite mesh version (for Yabusaka Loon's petite fairy mesh).

You can see the horns and tails available at the fair on my flickr page and I'll be blogging them for the next few days as well.

This is the second to last fair I will do this year (the next is the Fantasy Faire in April).

A few other things:
I moved my subscriber list to a different system - it won't change how you get notices, etc. (It allows me to have a lower cost per month and avoid the new throttle limit.) BUT I did lose 700 subscribers when I switched so please check if you aren't getting notices from me.

Also - many of you are crazy about the new petite mesh avs from Yabusaka Loon - I love them too! Many of Material Squirrel's wings do not size down far enough to fit these little creatures - I'm working on it! If you have a set of wings that you would like to fit, please please let me know and I will fit them for you.

Monday, January 30, 2012

New Pixie Wings

I'm redoing the pixie wings at Material Squirrel. Actually, I'm making new ones as the old ones were well, quite old. I'd hoped to have more done before I released these, but that didn't happen. These are very small wings, best for smaller avs, tho there is no reason why bigger avs can't wear them too!

Direct Teleport to Pixie Wing Section

Also a reminder that the Starlight Wing Hunt ends on Wednesday - so if you haven't done the hunt and want to, your time is running out!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Starlight Wing Hunt!

The Starlight Wing Hunt is open now at Winged Isle/Material Squirrel! I've set out 15 stars each with a color variation of the pictured Starlight Wings. Just look for the sculpted star shape pictured above. I've done some really easy ones and some harder stars, but I haven't made it 'tear your hair out' difficult. No stars are half-hidden in a wall or anything like that.

The hunt is from today (Jan. 11th to Jan 31st!) Happy Hunting and THANK YOU to all of my wonderful customers, I hope you enjoy this hung!

Teleport to your Happy Hunting!