Thursday, June 24, 2010

Free Wings for Profile Rewards Picks

Oh yeah, I've FINALLY updated the profile rewards wings. So free wings for having Material Squirrel in your picks.

Here's how it works:
You go to Material Squirrel.
Open up your profile, go to picks.
Hit "New" and add Material Squirrel to your picks.
Wait 48 hours.
Go back to Material Squirrel after 48 hours and hit the profile reward sign located here.
Celebrate free wings!

Each day, there is a different pair of wings. Up until day 13 when it reverts back to wing #1.

here is a tiny mosiac of the wings. Enjoy and stuffz.

Today is the Giselle (the fairy design) in rose.

Also, if for some reason, you've had MS in your picks for 48 hours and you still have fail, please IM me and tell me this is the case. (Please don't just say "hello" I can't read your IM mind. or I'd tell your Mom about all the naughty things you do. JK.). Anyway, just IM me saying you can't get the picks wings and I will help.

79L Sculpted Wing Special

Last week for these wings!!! 79L, sculpted fairy wings, fully scripted.

Get them here.

Also big thanks to my husband for centering the image on my blog. Thank you!!