Monday, January 31, 2011

Lupercalia Limited Edition Demon Avatars Arrive!

Limited Edition Demon Avs are here! These include EVERYTHING you see in the ads - skins, shape, horns, tail, WINGS, etc and it's all unique and specific to each av and not to be repeated or resold as anything else!

Lupercalia Love Avatar
On Marketplace

Lupercalia Loss Avatar
On Marketplace

Lupercalia Lunacy Avatar
On Marketplace

Lupercalia Lust Avatar
On Marketplace

Lupercalia Longing Avatar
On Marketplace

Lupercalia Lament Avatar
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For more pictures of the details, please see Munch's flickr stream.

We are selling only 16 of each complete avatar:

6 of each are at Material Squirrel

6 of each are at Nomine.

4 of each are at the Marketplace.

These are COMPLETE avatar sets and each includes no less than the following:

10 skins, all with the same makeup, ranging in tone from china to espresso.
1 shape
1 hair/eyebrow base
1 pair of sculpted horns
1 pair of unscripted sculpted wings
1 voucher for scripted wing version
1 custom outfit
1 pair of contacts and matching prim attachments
1 set of hair containing 30 individual hair colors
1 sculpted tail
makeup on the makeup layer only
accessories and other stuffz (check individual ncs)

Check out the notecards for each individual demon to see specifics. You get EVERYTHING listed in that nc, and it's all specific to that demon av. Each av's components/skins/wings* are unique to that av and they are all LIMITED EDITION. So if you've ever been like "DUDE I want a pair of wings/skins that I won't see in EVERY CLUB and hooch joint" - now is your chance. At the most, only 16 other people will have the same wings/components/etc that you do. And in some cases, WAY less. There are only 2 people on the grid with the Firea Gold Fairy avatar. So . . . you are special. You deserve it. I have other cliches I could put here, but well, the basic thing is that it's all unique, never gonna be repeated, ain't gonna be dragged out and put out for 50L in a month.

*excepting the generic stuffz like shoe/hair bases but please, those don't make your av unique.

Thank you for your interest,
Munchflower Zaius and Kala Bijoux

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lupercalia - Full (limited edition) Demon Avs by Material Squirrel and Nomine

Nomine and Material Squirrel bring you limited edition Demon avs for Valentine's Day! Munch writes about it in much more detail on her blog (and you can see pictures of the 3 other avs). These come with everything - skin, eyes, shape, hair, horns, tails, and wings. The wings are sculpted and 2 of them are sculpted with flexi parts. If you aren't really in the market for a demon av, keep these in mind for the wings alone. These wings will NOT be resold or repackaged as normal wings. It's your chance to own a limited edition set of wings that few other people have. It's a great way to get almost a custom job and to have the satisfaction of knowing that if you go to a club event for wings, the chances of someone else wearing the same wings are very very small.

More details to come soon - and again, check out Nomine's blog for more details!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Hair Base Sculpts

Sometimes I make full perm sculpt kits* under my Grim Grum brand. I'm putting them on the Material Squirrel blog because I don't do these kits often enough to warrant their own blog.

I've created some hair bases for hair designers. I did a few of these for a friend and realized there was nothing like this on the marketplace. These hair bases fit the basic shape of the av skull, so you will have a covered base to work from. Yet they are not one full block so you can move things around as necessary. You will need to make adjustments for different head shapes and different ear shapes, but the basic base is there. (And also it needs more prims, like bangs or just more hair).

Each of the hair bases comes with:
- full perm sculpt maps (with alpha protection)
- 3 full perm sample hair textures (black, blonde and red)
- copy & modify hair base build example
- sculpty builder kit to help you build item

They are available at Grim Grum In World

Or on the marketplace:
Bun Base
Pigtail Base
Updo Back Part Base

Thank you for looking!

*I don't sell my wing sculpts full perm EVER. Please don't ask, because I will say no.