Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mesh Antler Reminder

Just a reminder that the mesh antlers are still available!
I put them up on the marketplace - you can get the demos:

Hartley Antlers - Demos on MP

Ceren Antlers - Demos on MP

I did not get a chance to do my usual Christmas free wing hunt, but I am still planning on doing it in January!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Mesh Antlers! (or Queen of Procrastination finishes Holiday project RIGHT before holiday, weee)

Yay! I finished my first Mesh project - mesh antlers. The really great advantage of mesh is that the antlers can be seamless as one prim, no slight gaps where one sculpt meets another!

Each set of horns comes with 12 texture options scripted in, scripted size change and 3 animations. They are NOT rigged tho so you can modify them.

I've also done a Christmas Edition of both - the Christmas package includes the REGULAR version and also, some sculpted prims because I ran out of time to do something else.

Also, for a limited time I have transfer versions available in case you want to give a gift.  You can still give a gift of the copy/modify versions too - my vendor program allows you to give a gift to a specific av, just touch the vendor - but I know some people like to give things in boxes personally. The transfer version will out for a limited time only because copy/mod makes my life much easier ;)

Oh, and if you haven't heard yet, you need a Mesh viewer to view these!! Phoenix has a mesh release now!

You can get the antlers HERE at my store.

You can also get the DEMOs at my store too.

I will have them on the marketplace soonish.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Still here, will have proper update soon

I'm still around, been either sick or working on mesh. I hope to have some new products to release soon! And also hope to have a Christmas hunt for some free wings - like I did last year :)

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Dark Fairy Wings - Updated

A big change is (slowly) coming to Material Squirrel - I'm repackaging all of my flexi wings into color packs of 10 colors (same wing style) for the same price 299L. So you get 10 wings for 299L. Unfortunately (this is the catch), this is going to take me awhile to complete.  I've just finished the Dark Fairy Wing section, so please come take a look if you are interested in the style. (Please note this is NOT an upgrade to existing flexi wing version. The current version is still 4.2.1)

All of these wings are also in my new vendors - which allow you to buy as a gift or with store credit. And all my new vendors allow you to earn store credit. For every set of wing packs (or set of wings), you will receive store credit. Once that adds up, you can use your store credit to buy some wings!  If you wear your Material Squirrel group tag, you also get 10L extra in credit for each purchase.

Winged Chariot Taxi

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My avatar through the years

I've been in SL a long time. I'm surprised I was able to find pictures for every year.

I'm working on mesh items and still redoing the flexi wing packaging. Will update here soon when the Dark Fairy section is done - will be soon, I hope.

Friday, August 26, 2011

New Wings! + Change + Updates

New Flexi Demon Wings!  10 Colors for 299L!
Demo available on the Marketplace and in my store, of course!

A big change is (slowly) coming to Material Squirrel - I'm repackaging all of my flexi wings into color packs of 10 colors (same wing style) for the same price 299L. So you get 10 wings for 299L. Unfortunately (this is the catch), this is going to take me awhile to complete. Currently I've completed the fairy wing section! So if you love fairy wings, be sure to take a look at the new and redone wings in my fairy section.

More changes - I will be getting rid of the pose stands for the flexi wings and offering demos more like hair demos that you can take and try on later.

Customer Rewards! In addition to changing how my wings are packaged, I'm also changing over to a new vendor system. And that means - customer rewards! For every pair of wings you buy, you get credit at my store. If you wear your Material Squirrel group tag (have the Material Squirrel group activated), you get even more credit! I'll also have a redelivery terminal soon. Currently, the only wings that give you store credit are the wings in the New Wing section and the Fairy Wing section. This new vendor system will also make it much easier to buy gifts or give someone store credit as a gift. To pay the vendor, simply left click on it and pay the amount given. To buy with credit or as a gift, just touch the vendor.

And last, but certainly not least - MESH. I am working on learning mesh and I'm really excited about the possibilities. Mesh does have some limitations and won't replace my flexi or sculptie wings, at least not until we have significant improvements in the mesh technology, but I am quite excited about some of the new things we can do!

Friday, July 01, 2011

I made hair! And it's at the Hair Fair

All of the 3 updos above have color change options on the accessory parts (ie non-hair parts). I really love this option so you can customize your own hair to match your outfit. All of the updos come with hair bases on the tattoo layer so they look better on your head. (The part where the prims meet the forehead has always bugged as looking strange, but this makes it look better, I think.)

And one long do.

The Hair Fair opens tomorrow (July 2nd). I also created some turbans for Bandana Day and I will be featuring those on this blog too.

The Hair Fair benefits Wigs for Kids, here is my contribution so it is clear for all:
25% of the sales of the above hair styles goes to Wigs for Kids
100% of the Turban sales goes to Wigs for Kids

I also have some dollarbie hair at my store - it's a style that I love but it had some transparency issues.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Still Chugging Along

Still working on Haunted Zuzu stuff - specifically hair which will debut at the Hair Fair in July. Then I will be back to wings, I'm planning on making some big changes to my store. And of course, MESH will be here soon. I have so much to learn about mesh, but it seems like a no brainer for wings (minus the lack of movement and different wing positions will have to be alphaed, not prim hidden due to the scripting restraints, at least as far as we know.)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

What I'm Working On

Just a small update to let everyone know I'm working on some Haunted Zuzu items - which I will display on this blog since it is the one still on most feeds. I know I will be back to wings soon - but I need a small break from wings and I'm also waiting to see if mesh is on the way. The RFL wings are up in my store until RFL ends in June (one such pictured here). Grab them while you can - it's a great deal 10 wings for 299L - all proceeds to RFL.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Fairy Wings at Fantasy Faire

I created these wings for sale for the Fantasy Faire. Currently they are only at Fantasy Faire. I'm experimenting with adding more colors to my wings because I enjoy making a ton of colors but I don't enjoy making ads for all the wings and don't have room to put them all out. So I'm experimenting with packs of wings still the 299L (per pack!) price. I still have to decide what to do with my regular wings to make them comparable to new packs, feedback would be appreciated!

TP to Fantasy Faire

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Fantasy Faire - Melody Wings to Benefit RFL

Material Squirrel has a booth at the Fantasy Faire which is now open to the public. These are my wings for Relay For Life. All proceeds go to Relay For Life to benefit research to cure cancer.

These are only available for the 2011 RFL season (it ends in mid-July). After the event, they will be in my store for purchase until July. I STILL get asked for last year's design so don't miss these!!

I did something special for the wings - they are in packs of 10, which different colors and designs. They are only 299L for a PACK. So you get 10 wings for 299L, 29L a wing! These wings are scripted the same as our regular flexi wings. There are demos to try out at the booth.

TP to Material Squirrel booth at the Fantasy Faire

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fantasy Faire - Coming Soon!

I'm hard at work on stuff for the Fantasy Faire that begins on April 2nd. I will have wings that are exclusive to the RFL event debut at this faire - these are limited edition and only available until the Relay for Life ends in June (I think June, maybe July).

Fantasy Faire Website

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

50L Wings for Valentine's Day

Oh yeah, I made 2 wings for Valentine's Day - only 50L each. I love pink and red. I'll leave them up for a week, since I am SO late in getting them out. I have no idea what took me so long. Oh probably I set out to do like 10 instead of a more reasonable number, heh.

Call the SL Taxi! Taxi!

Only a few more weeks for the Lupercalia Demon Avatars!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Lunacy is all things in love, and she is no exception. Frivolous, flirty, and slightly dangerous, she is ragged, beautiful, and wild.


Complete Avatar - by Nomine and Material Squirrel

Lunacy Avatar on Marketplace

We also still have a few left in our stores - but we are running low on this av!

Blog post with more info
and shiny mutant ninja rabbit zombie babies

Saturday, February 05, 2011


Love is all things, beautiful, sensual, dangerous, and comforting.

Complete Avatar - by Nomine and Material Squirrel

Love Avatar on Marketplace

and a few are left in our stores, see:
Blog Post on Lupercalia demons

Friday, February 04, 2011


Lust, ah lust - dressed head to thigh in leather, binding corsetry and teased high hair. She is controlling, haughty, and utterly desirable.

Lupercalia Longing complete Avatar by Nomine and Material Squirrel

See blog post here for details on the Full Lupercalia Avs


Longing and her pained restraint hidden under her Victorian blouse and bun. She is quiet and reserved, with a heady undercurrent of desperate need.

Lupercalia Longing complete Avatar by Nomine and Material Squirrel

See blog post here for details on the Full Lupercalia Avs


We are starting to run low on Lunacy and Love - so if you have your eye on those, you might not want to hesitate too much longer!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Loss, the desolate preacherman. He is solitary, wounded and weighed down. Like all things mysterious, his pain remains private.

Lupercalia Loss Avatar by Nomine and Material Squirrel

See blog post here for details on the Full Lupercalia Avs

Monday, January 31, 2011

Lupercalia Limited Edition Demon Avatars Arrive!

Limited Edition Demon Avs are here! These include EVERYTHING you see in the ads - skins, shape, horns, tail, WINGS, etc and it's all unique and specific to each av and not to be repeated or resold as anything else!

Lupercalia Love Avatar
On Marketplace

Lupercalia Loss Avatar
On Marketplace

Lupercalia Lunacy Avatar
On Marketplace

Lupercalia Lust Avatar
On Marketplace

Lupercalia Longing Avatar
On Marketplace

Lupercalia Lament Avatar
On Marketplace

For more pictures of the details, please see Munch's flickr stream.

We are selling only 16 of each complete avatar:

6 of each are at Material Squirrel

6 of each are at Nomine.

4 of each are at the Marketplace.

These are COMPLETE avatar sets and each includes no less than the following:

10 skins, all with the same makeup, ranging in tone from china to espresso.
1 shape
1 hair/eyebrow base
1 pair of sculpted horns
1 pair of unscripted sculpted wings
1 voucher for scripted wing version
1 custom outfit
1 pair of contacts and matching prim attachments
1 set of hair containing 30 individual hair colors
1 sculpted tail
makeup on the makeup layer only
accessories and other stuffz (check individual ncs)

Check out the notecards for each individual demon to see specifics. You get EVERYTHING listed in that nc, and it's all specific to that demon av. Each av's components/skins/wings* are unique to that av and they are all LIMITED EDITION. So if you've ever been like "DUDE I want a pair of wings/skins that I won't see in EVERY CLUB and hooch joint" - now is your chance. At the most, only 16 other people will have the same wings/components/etc that you do. And in some cases, WAY less. There are only 2 people on the grid with the Firea Gold Fairy avatar. So . . . you are special. You deserve it. I have other cliches I could put here, but well, the basic thing is that it's all unique, never gonna be repeated, ain't gonna be dragged out and put out for 50L in a month.

*excepting the generic stuffz like shoe/hair bases but please, those don't make your av unique.

Thank you for your interest,
Munchflower Zaius and Kala Bijoux

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lupercalia - Full (limited edition) Demon Avs by Material Squirrel and Nomine

Nomine and Material Squirrel bring you limited edition Demon avs for Valentine's Day! Munch writes about it in much more detail on her blog (and you can see pictures of the 3 other avs). These come with everything - skin, eyes, shape, hair, horns, tails, and wings. The wings are sculpted and 2 of them are sculpted with flexi parts. If you aren't really in the market for a demon av, keep these in mind for the wings alone. These wings will NOT be resold or repackaged as normal wings. It's your chance to own a limited edition set of wings that few other people have. It's a great way to get almost a custom job and to have the satisfaction of knowing that if you go to a club event for wings, the chances of someone else wearing the same wings are very very small.

More details to come soon - and again, check out Nomine's blog for more details!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Hair Base Sculpts

Sometimes I make full perm sculpt kits* under my Grim Grum brand. I'm putting them on the Material Squirrel blog because I don't do these kits often enough to warrant their own blog.

I've created some hair bases for hair designers. I did a few of these for a friend and realized there was nothing like this on the marketplace. These hair bases fit the basic shape of the av skull, so you will have a covered base to work from. Yet they are not one full block so you can move things around as necessary. You will need to make adjustments for different head shapes and different ear shapes, but the basic base is there. (And also it needs more prims, like bangs or just more hair).

Each of the hair bases comes with:
- full perm sculpt maps (with alpha protection)
- 3 full perm sample hair textures (black, blonde and red)
- copy & modify hair base build example
- sculpty builder kit to help you build item

They are available at Grim Grum In World

Or on the marketplace:
Bun Base
Pigtail Base
Updo Back Part Base

Thank you for looking!

*I don't sell my wing sculpts full perm EVER. Please don't ask, because I will say no.