Monday, December 27, 2010

Free Wings at the Marketplace

You can get this set of free wings at the Marketplace. They are also in my mini-hunt going on at my sim - read more about that at this blog post. This hunts ends Jan 1st so get these while you can.

Also ending soon - the Limited Edition Holiday Fairies - Details here! They also are going poof on Jan 1st. If you want something really rare - consider the gold fairy. We've only sold 3 of those, so there will be VERY few in world.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Free Wings at Material Squirrel

I've hidden 13 wings around my sim in holiday packages. They are set to buy for 0 Linden.

And when I say hidden, I mean EASY hidden, not like tiny tiny prims or anything.

The wings are in gift boxes that look like this:

For hose of you who like the darker side - don't worry, these hidden wings are also in red, black, and dark moss green, so you get some wings too!

I will leave these out until Jan 2 or so, so if the holidays are too busy, you have some extra time to get over here and find them.

Your Winged Chariot to Material Squirrel

Shayariel features the Red Wings in her blog post.

Also - Limited Edition Fairies will be poofing from the sim soon (Dec 31st) so be sure to get one if you have your eye on one! Details here!

Friday, December 17, 2010

New Flexi Angel Wings at Material Squirrel

Glory Angel Wings in Pink

Anahita Wings in White

Glory Angel Wings in Blue

Glory Angel Wings in White

Anahita Angel Wings in Black
All wings are our usual scripted wings - flexi.
Available at Material Squirrel - Taxi here
Also a reminder that the limited edition Christmas Fairies are here only until December 31st OR until they sell out. We've sold completely out of the White Fae. The Fae avatars make GREAT gifts - remember these are Limited Edition - a MAXIMUM of 20 people will own each of the sets - so you will NOT be seeing these wings and outfits in every club or rp sim. (Please IM Munchflower Zaius for gifting.) If you want a fae that very few people will have - try the gold fae - we've only sold 2 so not that many will be out there! These faes come with everything - skins, clothes, hair, wings, and accessories.

Post on the Christmas Fae Avatars

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Limited Edition Fairies

The Limited Edition Fairy Avatars are now on sale, they are available at both Nomine & the Winged Isle sims, if they're sold out at one location, please feel free to check the other. There are also two of each listed on the marketplace, but once they're gone, they're gone. They will never be available again after this month. I won't be selling these wings in another color or any of the components.

Celynnen Green Fairy on the Marketplace and Here too

Siasmin Red Fairy available on the Marketplace and here too.

Lillia Purple Fae on the Marketplace and here too.

Firea Gold Fae on the Marketplace and here too.

Eirlys White Fairy is sold out on that marketplace.

We are selling only 20 of each complete avatar.
8 of each are at Material Squirrel
8 of each are at Nomine.
2 of each are at the Marketplace.

These are COMPLETE avatar sets and each includes no less than the following:
6 pairs of ears, matched to the included skins
6 skins, all with the same makeup, ranging in tone from china to mocha.
1 shape
1 hair/eyebrow base
1 pair of unscripted wings
1 voucher for scripted wing version
1 custom outfit
2 pairs of contacts and matching prim attachments
1 matching jewelry set containing a ring and a necklace
1 set of hair containing 30 individual hair colors

There are six fairies, one in each of the holiday colors ( that we could think of ), and everything in the sets is modiable in case you'd prefer to wear it with your own avatar :)

*We love you very much, thank you for your patience and your patronage <33

Munchflower Zaius & Kala Bijoux

PS - Iola is sold out on the marketplace!

Friday, October 22, 2010

50L Wings for Halloween

I love Halloween and someday I will remember that I need to start preparing things for Halloween in August. Someday.

If you hate orange and black, forgive me. If not, these wings are only 50L! And they will poof after Halloween.

Scary Pumpkin to Material Squirrel In World

Friday, October 15, 2010

Diabolical Demon Wings - Sculpted and almost as nifty as kittens

I made some demon wings in white!!! See, I do listen to my customers (it just takes me like FOREVER). These are fully scripted sculpted demon wings. I tried to make them look somewhat like the Arch Demon wings, but sculpties have their limitations.

See more colors on my flickr page - (also available in green and black)

Taxi to Material Squirrel


This is the new sculpted demon wings in a special texture (Weathered Bone). This texture/color is only available at the HorrorFest and when HorrorFest ends (end of October), it will no longer be available. So, limited edition. It is also only 300L. All proceeds from the Weathered Bone Wings go to benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

And to entice you to go to the HorrorFest, I have a small selection of flexi wings priced at 149L and a handful of sculptie wings at 300L.

Here is the HorrorFest SL url - TAXI to HorrorFest

HorrorFest blog where you can read more about the HorrorFest

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Material Squirrel is having a sale on wings that I will discontinue after the sale. Only 99L per wing!!

Taxi to the sale

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Flexi Wings - Fallen and Mech Butterfly

Mech Butterfly - a cyborg butterfly! Or something. I was trying to make something light and ethereal. This is what I got. Go me, I'm so dark and goth. Two more colors - purple and orange. See them at my flickr account here.

Speaking of dark and goth . . . Fallen wings.

Material Squirrel In World

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lucky Board Wings

I've changed the profile reward pick wings to Lucky Board wings. I prefer profile rewards but since the Lindens changed the search parameters and picks is no longer used at all AND because it never worked without glitches. So . . . Lucky Boards - they are set to change letters every two minutes AND have wild cards so hopefully winning several pairs will be easy. I rarely have the patience for lucky chair/boards so I set it up with myself in mind ;)

The Giselle Wings (pictured in orange) are also available in 5 other colors. The Mecure Gallant wings from this post are also on the lucky board and I plan to put one or two others up in a few weeks.

Lucky Boards At Material Squirrel - Dah Taxi

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Free Wings for Profile Rewards Picks

Oh yeah, I've FINALLY updated the profile rewards wings. So free wings for having Material Squirrel in your picks.

Here's how it works:
You go to Material Squirrel.
Open up your profile, go to picks.
Hit "New" and add Material Squirrel to your picks.
Wait 48 hours.
Go back to Material Squirrel after 48 hours and hit the profile reward sign located here.
Celebrate free wings!

Each day, there is a different pair of wings. Up until day 13 when it reverts back to wing #1.

here is a tiny mosiac of the wings. Enjoy and stuffz.

Today is the Giselle (the fairy design) in rose.

Also, if for some reason, you've had MS in your picks for 48 hours and you still have fail, please IM me and tell me this is the case. (Please don't just say "hello" I can't read your IM mind. or I'd tell your Mom about all the naughty things you do. JK.). Anyway, just IM me saying you can't get the picks wings and I will help.

79L Sculpted Wing Special

Last week for these wings!!! 79L, sculpted fairy wings, fully scripted.

Get them here.

Also big thanks to my husband for centering the image on my blog. Thank you!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

New 79L Wings

Material Squirrel's 79L weekly wing special.

Here are the wings:

Sculpted wings - fully scripted as our all of our wings.
Get it in world here

I also put up a lovely purple over on Xstreet - only on Xstreet
Get it here on Xstreet

And sorry this is late, I did have these up on Tuesday, I just didn't get a chance to blog about them until now.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

79L Sculpted Wing Special

Introducing . . . Material Squirrel's 79L weekly wing special.

Here are the wings:

Sculpted wings - fully scripted as our all of our wings.

The goods:
Every week, my plan is to have a new set of wings at the special price of 79L. So look for new wings every Tuesday, unless real life gets in the way or SL has a really bad day. And yes, the first several (4?) of these will be recolors of this set of sculpted wings. If that offends you and you need to write nasty blog posts, well, ok then. But I think most of you will like the recolors :)

I may reintroduce these wings later, but NOT at this price. So these may or may not be limited editions, I haven't thought that far, but they won't be 79L again.

Oh, and I realize the wings on the demo stand aren't situated right. Ziggy will fix that when he gets home! If you have trouble seeing them, make your av way smaller. I know it's a pain, but he'll get it fixed soon!

TP to Material Squirrel in World

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alt Fair Stuffz - New Wings

The Alt Fair is raising money for a great charity - Nothing but Nets - which provides mosquito nets to people who cannot afford them in countries where malaria is a serious problem. Every 30 seconds a child in Africa dies from malaria and we CAN do something to stop it. Malaria also affects adults and nearly killed a family member of mine.

Because I love this charity so much and sometimes worldwide charities don't get much attention in SL, I have 5 new wings

These wings are at a special price of 199L each. 100% of the sales from the Ondine wings at the Alt faire goes to Nothing but Nets.

Please note that these wings are not a limited edition. They will be available in my store (at 299L) and not for the charity after the fair - this is a special fair pricing/offer. Possibly the rose color may be changed to a pinker color after the fair (making it a sort of limited edition ;))

And of course my usual fair special:
199L Flexi wings
399L Sculptie

TP to Material Squirrel's booth at the Alt Fair

Monday, April 19, 2010

Material Squirrel at the Fantasy Faire

Material Squirrel has a booth at the Fantasy Faire in the Wings, Wands, and Wonders sim!

2 Wings are Limited Editions for the Relay for Life - you'll only see these at the faire and possibly in my store for a few weeks after if I hear lag is bad and people weren't able to buy the wings or they need more time. But they are limited edition, meaning once they are gone, only the smart ones who bought them will have them in their inventory.

100% of the profits go to Relay for Life

Plus they are priced at a special wing discount of 199L

Also new and shiny at the fair:

Severine Wings - shown here in black. See Flickr for other colors

And if you need more incentive:
I have a wall of flexi wings priced at 149L each (reg 299L)
and a wall of Sculpted wings priced at 399L each (reg 449L)
And some special fatpacks.

That's not enough?? Cripes, you want a kidney? (Haha, do I sound like a used car salesman yet???)

I've also hidden 4 ribbons around the Wings, Wands and Wonders sim - each ribbon is set for sale at 0L and contains a Material Squirrel gift card good for 299L (which you can use at the gift vendors in my store only, see the nc). The fair organizers also have some ribbons containing Material Squirrel gift cards that a little fairy told me might be put out on the central sim. I'll try to put out more gift cards throughout the week, but I'm crazy busy this week both in SL and RL so we'll see :)

Fantasy Faire in World

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nemesis Wings

Been a while since I created a demonic flexi wing design - so here are the Nemesis Demon Wings in Flexi

You can see 3 more designs on my Flickr Page.

Taxi to Material Squirrel in world

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Twig Fairy Wings

I never showed off the other colors of the sculpted Twig Fairy wings, did I? There you go - also blue too NOT SHOWN so there is no "wah, silly wings are ruining the feeds" crying ;)

Taxi to Material Squirrel in world

Xstreet Listings

Sunday, January 24, 2010

SL Daily Deal - Sunday Special

Sunday, January 24th, ONLY - the new sculpted Twig Fairy wings are 150L - today only!
(normally 449L)

Taxi to Material Squirrel in world

I have other colors of these on the wall (normal price) + fat pack (good deal as always!). I will pimp them on the blog soonish.