Monday, April 19, 2010

Material Squirrel at the Fantasy Faire

Material Squirrel has a booth at the Fantasy Faire in the Wings, Wands, and Wonders sim!

2 Wings are Limited Editions for the Relay for Life - you'll only see these at the faire and possibly in my store for a few weeks after if I hear lag is bad and people weren't able to buy the wings or they need more time. But they are limited edition, meaning once they are gone, only the smart ones who bought them will have them in their inventory.

100% of the profits go to Relay for Life

Plus they are priced at a special wing discount of 199L

Also new and shiny at the fair:

Severine Wings - shown here in black. See Flickr for other colors

And if you need more incentive:
I have a wall of flexi wings priced at 149L each (reg 299L)
and a wall of Sculpted wings priced at 399L each (reg 449L)
And some special fatpacks.

That's not enough?? Cripes, you want a kidney? (Haha, do I sound like a used car salesman yet???)

I've also hidden 4 ribbons around the Wings, Wands and Wonders sim - each ribbon is set for sale at 0L and contains a Material Squirrel gift card good for 299L (which you can use at the gift vendors in my store only, see the nc). The fair organizers also have some ribbons containing Material Squirrel gift cards that a little fairy told me might be put out on the central sim. I'll try to put out more gift cards throughout the week, but I'm crazy busy this week both in SL and RL so we'll see :)

Fantasy Faire in World

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