Thursday, February 12, 2009

Abyss Sculpted Demon Wings - Finally.

Abyss Sculpted Demon Wings. I've been working on these on and off since November. They are fully scripted like all of our wings (tho they have different options than the flexi wings). They also have a REAL fold position, no invsi prims. Also, no alpha prims on these so you can avoid the Dreaded Flicker with hair and other things. AND THEY ARE SHINY.

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Red and Pink Wings Sale

Material Squirrel is having a Valentine's Day themed sale - 199L on ALL of our red and pink wings. This includes the Sculpted Demon Army Wings in Red and several Monster Truck wings.

Fine Print:
  • Sale price in main store ONLY.
  • Sale price only if you buy off the wall. I'm not going to try to rescript the pose stands to have 2 different prices, that would just make me cry. Well, it would make Ziggy cranky, which would make me cry. Or something. Just remember WALL.
  • Sale will be on until February 15.

If you would like to give a gift for the big Vday, please send me a notecard with the name of who you want the wings to go to, any message you want included, and a note that you paid me or need a total. I will process the request right away, so if you want to save the gift for the big day, errrrm, give me the notecard on Friday and hope my memory does not fail me. Which it has been frequently.

Material Squirrel In World