Tuesday, January 30, 2007

News & Info & Rants

New Monster Truck Wing Version
We have a new version of our Monster Truck wings that should fix a bug that a few people have experienced. I tested it and it definitely fixes the problem. So if you have any 4.0 Monster Truck wings, give them back to me for a wing upgrade to the 4.1 version. The full upgrade instructions are in my store, but the gist is that you need to put your name in the folder name, with the number of wings to upgrade also. (Example - 10 Wings to upgrade, YourName) or in a notecard.

SL Website Woes
Anyone else having a problem not seeing any of your transactions? Last week they started being very slow to update, then on Saturday, they wouldn't show any of the current day's transactions. On Sunday, I noticed that it only showed 1/2 a day. Today, it's showing nothing for Monday's transactions. I don't know if this qualifies as bug, so I haven't reported it (plus I can never find the place to report a bug on the website). It irks me cause I use that info on a daily basis. Mostly just for my own personal tallying, but it really does help me know what is selling, what locations are selling. Sure, I could use the numbers in world, but the website is sooo much easier.

It's also far easier to find a transaction from someone (say they accidentally bought something twice) on the web page cause you can do a "find" and look for a name.

Actual Wing Info
I am working on some new wing designs, but due to RL stuff, I'm a bit slow. I hope to speed things up and get some wings out for everyone soon.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

New Wings

I released many new wing designs on Friday - this is a very small sample. The Twinkle wings (first ones) come in pink, lavender, and lemon. And the mech ones come in

Thursday, January 11, 2007


My SL fashion sense is usually geared to mixing and matching. While I love full outfits, I tend to wear them as the complete outfit once and then later just borrow elements and create a new outfit.

In my experience, designers create a lot of mix and match tops and separate pants. Which is fine if you like pants, but lately with that pant bug that makes it appear like my av is wearing ill-advised stretch pants . . . I prefer skirts. Well, I usually prefer skirts in SL anyway, that way I can show off my funky tights collection. But as far my shopping knowledge goes, very few designers make skirt separates, except for some mini skirts. (Ok, so Starley released some skirt separates today, great minds, ya know?)

So I created some skirt separates. Each set has 3 different flexi prim skirts, so you have some choice on shape. They are mod/copy (no trans) so you can edit them to fit your own personal bum shape.

And these are only 100L each skirt design.

And what kind of fashionista would I be if I didn't include some whole outfits in this blog post so you can see what you can do with these. Skirt: Armide Skirt - Layered Version
Shirt: Sequin Orange Wrap by Nylon Outfitters
Tights: Polka Dots by Starley Thereian (Celestial City)
Hair: Rita Groshomme (Empyerean Emporium)

Skirt: La Belle Skirt - Single Version
Shirt: Dainty Blouse by Arbel Vogel (Winter Moon)
Tights: Striped Grey Socks by Starley Thereian (Celestial City)
Hair: ETD
Skirt: Patch Skirt - Single Version
Shirt: from Emma Ash set by SilentSparrow
Hair: Mau's & Mej's

Skirt: Fifi Skirt - Full Prim Version
Shirt: Nylon Outfitters
Hair: Kin Keiko

In all pics -
Skin: Munchflower Zaius (Nomine)
Shoes: T-strap shoes by Shiny Things

Skirts are available

In world, at that Material Squirrel store on Winged Isle

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Free Wings

Who doesn't love free stuff? If you join my group, you get that pretty pair of winter wings. All you need to do is go to my island (Winged Isle or search for Material Squirrel) and find this box and click on it - after you join the group.

Another new set of wings up at my store - not free, but still for sale.

Both skins pictured are by Munchflower Zaius - Nomine. This is her new Aether line of very colorful pretty skins - they are so much fun to play with and cheap at only 700L. You know you've always wanted to be RED.

Hair by Kin Keiko.