Monday, January 30, 2012

New Pixie Wings

I'm redoing the pixie wings at Material Squirrel. Actually, I'm making new ones as the old ones were well, quite old. I'd hoped to have more done before I released these, but that didn't happen. These are very small wings, best for smaller avs, tho there is no reason why bigger avs can't wear them too!

Direct Teleport to Pixie Wing Section

Also a reminder that the Starlight Wing Hunt ends on Wednesday - so if you haven't done the hunt and want to, your time is running out!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Starlight Wing Hunt!

The Starlight Wing Hunt is open now at Winged Isle/Material Squirrel! I've set out 15 stars each with a color variation of the pictured Starlight Wings. Just look for the sculpted star shape pictured above. I've done some really easy ones and some harder stars, but I haven't made it 'tear your hair out' difficult. No stars are half-hidden in a wall or anything like that.

The hunt is from today (Jan. 11th to Jan 31st!) Happy Hunting and THANK YOU to all of my wonderful customers, I hope you enjoy this hung!

Teleport to your Happy Hunting!