Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Giant Angel

All the news . . . well, first, I finally created a Flickr group for Material Squirrel Wings. I would love to have all my customers join and post photos. It's just me right now, kinda lonely.

Second, Ziggy and I are working on a new update for the wings. This one will have a lot of changes. My favorite is size change. FINALLY! I am testing our butterfly wings and they look so cute small. Really cute. And this will allow everyone to finally be able to have a custom size to fit their avs.

We are also moving to mod/copy/no transfer wings. This was a hard choice - I know there are people who really love the transfer option. But I feel no transfer is the best way to go right now. It will allow us to do auto-updates, instead of updates by hand, which take up my time and with our baby, time is precious. Especially since she has decided 4 month old babies don't need naps. Another plus is that you will be able to mod your wings and have several copies. So if you are in COLA, you can pull out all of the scripts in your wings to prevent lag, but still have a scripted copy when you want. Also, with the size change, think of the possibilities with a little editing, you could have winged ankles, arms, etc. I will NOT be honoring alt accounts, as I think that is just unfair to merchants and frankly, other customers as well.

Another new feature will be Xcite! message customizations. So your Xcite emotes can read whatever you want.

I've also redesigned the HUD to make it slicker and sleeker. No more tabs!!!

And the last new feature is the ability to turn flexi while flying off. This makes the wings look a lot better while flying.

I think that's it. I am hoping to have the updates out in February. We still need to test the wings further - if you use your Material Squirrel wings all the time and want to test them, drop me an IM. I look for people who can clearly describe the errors/bugs that crop up. And I really want people who use the wings - those are the people who find the bugs.

BTW, updates are always free - I'll be doing these by hand tho so I will appreciate patience. I'll have more info on how to upgrade when we are there. And group members of Material Squirrel (in world) will have first shot at upgrades.