Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mesh Horns - Now on Marketplace

I finally found the time to put all my mesh horns from the mesh fair on the Marketplace. I also realized I never featured them on my blog either! Link will take you to the SL Marketplace listing. These are NOT rigged mesh so you can edit and move them to fit your av.

Aquatic Head Fins - also great for dragons!

All of these horns are also available in world at my store - SL URL

I also put the Arna horns on the marketplace - tho I did a different pricing and size package with these. They are only on the marketplace currently.
Arna Horns in Pastels
Arna Horns in Pastels - Petite Size
Arna Horns in Darks
Arna Horns in Darks - Petite Av Size

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Material Squirrel @ Fantasy Faire - Relay for Life Items!

The Fantasy Faire opens today at noon (tho it might be open a bit earlier). Material Squirrel is on the Meandervale sim!

I have two new sets of wings for the Relay for Life benefit items (all sales go to benefit RFL). These are exclusive for RFL and will not be offered for sale after June EVER AGAIN. (After the Faire they will be up in my store until June).

The first is the Maiestre Fairy Wings in both regular avatar and petite/mini avatar sizes. These come in 10 colors and are 299L.

The second is a Fantasy Faire special - only 35L for 2 wings! Also in regular and petite avatar sizes

I've also released 3 new sets of Butterfly/fairy wings (NOT for RFL) at this Faire. Will be blogging about those soon too!

TP to my store on the Meandervale sim