Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Working Girl

I'm working on the new wings. And of course, I need a working girl outfit.

These are my favorite SL pants - Noir by Munchflower Zaius.

The shoes are also my faves, by Heart's Desire. Sadly, they no longer make shoes. I wish I'd bought a lot more of their shoes when they were around.

Jacket by Silent Sparrow. You can't see the detail in this image, but wow, I love the detail. I want everything at Silent Sparrow.

Shirt by Munchflower Zaius. Mostly hidden under the jacket, but still pretty nifty.

And hair by Rita Groshomme. Rita's hair is my new crack. I mean hair obsession.

Ok . . . now I'm really working.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


We are in the middle of a RL move, moving to a new house. I despise moving - although I have yet to do my typical moving freakout. Maybe it's because we moved last year around the same time so I'm used to this crazy moving thing.

But what really bugs me is that everyone is releasing such cool flexi stuff and I really want to release our flexi wings but I do NOT have the time. I won't have the time until Tuesday. We still need to make a few tweaks on them - they look a little bizarre when flying and flapping. But they look so cool on the ground in flexi mode, so cool that it was worth the rebuild of the wings and it will be worth changing all my boxes when I finally have time to do that.

Speaking of boxes . . . back to packing.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Almost Free Shoes and Update on the Bubble Skirt

There is still 1 box of shoes in the boxed easter egg version on my land. (The other 2 are gone.) If you miss out on those, there are freebies scattered about the Material Squirrel Wing store land - some clothes I created a while ago and these are utterly free.

And Starley Thereian wrote me an IM and said that I'm not wearing the polka dot prim skirt correctly (see previous entry!). Talk about prompt and good customer service, huh? I think that's pretty cool. I'll try to get the skirt to the proper version and take a new pic. We're really busy here in RL tho with moving/house work/ and oh, that pesky 1.10 release version which means we'll have new wings to work on, so it could be several days. But I just wanted to put it out there that the bubble skirt is my fault.

Friday, May 19, 2006


Also . . . I sometimes wonder if anyone reads this blog. Anyone?

So if you do and you want a good deal on shoes, I've hidden 3 easter eggs of shoe goodness around my store. Each little red & pink box says "shoe bonus" and contains all of the shoes of that specific design for only L50. Only 3 available.

New Shoes and Bonus

New shoes!

These have a scripted function which lets you touch the shoe and change the color of the flower. I've created 10 different shades of each color. So . . . 10 shades of red, 10 shades of purple and 10 shades of pink.

And why you ask? Well, because sometimes I buy shoes in red to match a particuliar outfit and the shoe doesn't quite match. So this should allow you to find that perfect shade to match each outfit.

Only L150 at our store in Eunpyung. Check the profile of me, Kala Bijoux.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Just like My Childhood

I think one of the things I love the most about SL is the Barbie like ability to change outfits and looks as desired. Want to be a slutty Barbie? Done. No wait, today I'm feeling retro. Done.

My childhood was filled with Barbies. Between my sister and I, we had over 20 Barbie dolls. We were always short of Ken dolls, so Ken was always a cheating skunk or some of our Barbies would have become nuns. Our outfits were numerous, but we always wanted a new look so we were super resourceful with scotch tape and pieces of fabric.

So here's the adult version of Barbie, fashion on SL.

Skin by Munchflower Zaius
Hair by Lost Thereain

(Because Barbie couldn't change her hair or skin - tho we used to change her makeup with the help of markers.)

I'm still not sold on the whole prim skirt idea. My hand keeps going through it and this version certainly doesn't look any sleeker than SL's normal bubble butt skirts. (But I do love the polka dots.)

Outfit one credits:
Dress: Starley Thereain
Necklace: Elka Lehane (Cameo bit deleted by me. I am not a big fan of cameos, but when I saw this on Linden Lifestyles, I knew it would go with this outfit.)
Shoes: Me, Kala Bijoux

And the Bad Girl Goth Barbie. The executive Bloodrayne look.

Pants: Munflower Zaius
Jacket: Kala Bijoux
Shoes: Kala Bijoux
Shirt, even tho you can't see it and I don't sell this version currently, also by me.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Spiked Heel Shoes

Finally, some new shoes! I say finally because I've been working on these for over a week.

Purple on SL exchange

Available on SL exchange

Black and White version on SL exchange

Also available at my shop in Eunpyung - check my picks for landmark!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


I have a horrible case of Polka Dot Disease. I can't seem to design ANYTHING without polka dots these days. I like the retro polka dot look . . . but after I finished designing these today, I put on a leather jacket and baggy goth pants, (in SL of course).

I created these after reading the post over on Linden Lifestyles about the lack of cute shorts. And I couldn't get these out of my head. So I spent 2 days designing them.

I really should have been working on my shoes. I thought they were at the part where I get to put lots of pretty textures on them, but now I'm thinking of a retool on the shape. I gave the shoes to a picky (therefore good reviewer) friend and she wasn't crazy about the top of the shoes. So I have to study them again.

Sometimes I don't know why I put all this work into things. People have for sale stuff that is much less perfect than the stuff I try to put out. The shorts, for example, I probably won't sell that many, not enough to justify 2 days of design. I really should be working on wings. . . but we are waiting for the 1.9.1 release to do flexi stuff and I'm sorta bored with wings right now anyway.

So now . . . back to shoes.

Monday, May 08, 2006

On Making Shoes

Making prim shoes is the toughest thing I've done in Second Life yet.

This was my first shoe attempt.

I struggled with everything. I called in my partner-in-crime (both in game and IRL), Ziggy Puff. He tried to fix things, add things, but ultimately ended up very frustated. And then he told me I should give up on making shoes, that I couldn't do it.

This outraged me to no end. So I put aside the really complicated boot that I was trying to create and set out to make something simpler.

Eventually, I created this pair of shoes:

I'd love to use a tag line on these like "Created by an artist, perfected by an engineer", because that how Ziggy and I work and it results in some good creations, if I do say so myself. I'm the artist and I get to do the thinking outside of the box, coming up with shape configurations that are unusual. Then Ziggy gets to tinker and line things up and make them near perfect. We both enjoy our roles.

Of course, I've only sold 2 pairs of these shoes, which bums me out quite a bit. But I'm at work creating a new pair of shoes. But these are more difficult and I'm contemplating creating some new outfits instead for a while until my shoe enthusiasm returns.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

New Wings

A customer asked for a custom job on my Draconis wings and while she wasn't willing to pay my custom texture fee, her request stuck in my head. So here is the result. The skin, incidentally, is by Munchflower Zaius. I often get IMs saying "That ultra white skin is perfect for me" - so I'm just stating that up front so all the Goth Boys can find it themselves.

Available at our store in Eunpyung. (Look under my picks - Kala Bijoux).

Blog Intro

Pink and black . . . I feel a bit like Barbie with this template. But this is the one I liked the best. Everything else was too plain or the wrong colors.

I'll list my new product updates here. And random SL musings.