Monday, May 08, 2006

On Making Shoes

Making prim shoes is the toughest thing I've done in Second Life yet.

This was my first shoe attempt.

I struggled with everything. I called in my partner-in-crime (both in game and IRL), Ziggy Puff. He tried to fix things, add things, but ultimately ended up very frustated. And then he told me I should give up on making shoes, that I couldn't do it.

This outraged me to no end. So I put aside the really complicated boot that I was trying to create and set out to make something simpler.

Eventually, I created this pair of shoes:

I'd love to use a tag line on these like "Created by an artist, perfected by an engineer", because that how Ziggy and I work and it results in some good creations, if I do say so myself. I'm the artist and I get to do the thinking outside of the box, coming up with shape configurations that are unusual. Then Ziggy gets to tinker and line things up and make them near perfect. We both enjoy our roles.

Of course, I've only sold 2 pairs of these shoes, which bums me out quite a bit. But I'm at work creating a new pair of shoes. But these are more difficult and I'm contemplating creating some new outfits instead for a while until my shoe enthusiasm returns.

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Honey said...

They're cute shoes! I'm a shoemaker as well, and have given away a ton of pairs, trying to get the word out, but actual sales? Maybe two pair, as well.

Hate to solicit you on your blog, but I do sell a shoemaking machine that makes things a LOT easier! Look me up in world if you're interested in a demonstration.