Thursday, May 18, 2006

Just like My Childhood

I think one of the things I love the most about SL is the Barbie like ability to change outfits and looks as desired. Want to be a slutty Barbie? Done. No wait, today I'm feeling retro. Done.

My childhood was filled with Barbies. Between my sister and I, we had over 20 Barbie dolls. We were always short of Ken dolls, so Ken was always a cheating skunk or some of our Barbies would have become nuns. Our outfits were numerous, but we always wanted a new look so we were super resourceful with scotch tape and pieces of fabric.

So here's the adult version of Barbie, fashion on SL.

Skin by Munchflower Zaius
Hair by Lost Thereain

(Because Barbie couldn't change her hair or skin - tho we used to change her makeup with the help of markers.)

I'm still not sold on the whole prim skirt idea. My hand keeps going through it and this version certainly doesn't look any sleeker than SL's normal bubble butt skirts. (But I do love the polka dots.)

Outfit one credits:
Dress: Starley Thereain
Necklace: Elka Lehane (Cameo bit deleted by me. I am not a big fan of cameos, but when I saw this on Linden Lifestyles, I knew it would go with this outfit.)
Shoes: Me, Kala Bijoux

And the Bad Girl Goth Barbie. The executive Bloodrayne look.

Pants: Munflower Zaius
Jacket: Kala Bijoux
Shoes: Kala Bijoux
Shirt, even tho you can't see it and I don't sell this version currently, also by me.

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