Friday, August 26, 2011

New Wings! + Change + Updates

New Flexi Demon Wings!  10 Colors for 299L!
Demo available on the Marketplace and in my store, of course!

A big change is (slowly) coming to Material Squirrel - I'm repackaging all of my flexi wings into color packs of 10 colors (same wing style) for the same price 299L. So you get 10 wings for 299L. Unfortunately (this is the catch), this is going to take me awhile to complete. Currently I've completed the fairy wing section! So if you love fairy wings, be sure to take a look at the new and redone wings in my fairy section.

More changes - I will be getting rid of the pose stands for the flexi wings and offering demos more like hair demos that you can take and try on later.

Customer Rewards! In addition to changing how my wings are packaged, I'm also changing over to a new vendor system. And that means - customer rewards! For every pair of wings you buy, you get credit at my store. If you wear your Material Squirrel group tag (have the Material Squirrel group activated), you get even more credit! I'll also have a redelivery terminal soon. Currently, the only wings that give you store credit are the wings in the New Wing section and the Fairy Wing section. This new vendor system will also make it much easier to buy gifts or give someone store credit as a gift. To pay the vendor, simply left click on it and pay the amount given. To buy with credit or as a gift, just touch the vendor.

And last, but certainly not least - MESH. I am working on learning mesh and I'm really excited about the possibilities. Mesh does have some limitations and won't replace my flexi or sculptie wings, at least not until we have significant improvements in the mesh technology, but I am quite excited about some of the new things we can do!