Thursday, December 28, 2006

Angel Wings

New angel wings - in both black and white. The black has more detail than it shows in this little picture.

Secondlife . . . the blog-o-sphere, it's all so quiet.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Stella never listens when you are being morbid

Blanche wouldn't approve and Stanley would never get it, but this Stella Lolita dress by Draconic Kiss is my new favorite wardrobe item.

The fashion blogs largely missed the release of this line of Gothic Lolita dresses by Draconic Kiss, which is unfortunate, so I'm giving it some press here.

Many Gothic Lolita dresses lean a bit too much on the Lolita bit and have too many bows for my tastes, but this one blends the rufffles with the Goth and the result is a stunning addition black dress.

My only issue is that my arms get lost in the ruffles. I'd love to find some standing animations that didn't conflict with the dress, but currently, SL lets me play about 3 animations before it crashes. I had to restart my computer twice and SL went *poof* about 7 times while I tried to get this model pic. Is ANYONE else having this problem? Is it something on my end or does it warrant a bug report.

Dress: Draconic Kiss
Skin & Gloves: Munchflower Zaius (Nomine)
Hair: Kin Keiko
Necklace: Shiny Things
Shoes: Fatal Raine (Legend)
Tights (under shoe base, the pink): Canimal

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Winged Isle Open!

We're finally open at our new island sim - Winged Isle. Our builder (the very talented Alexis Stapovic) is still putting the finishing touches on the store, but I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Go visit us Here

Our new wing version is out too. This version has real open & close (meaning the prims actually re-size and hide, not just go transparent, so you will not accidentally click on your wings when they are closed.) Another popular feature is droop, which well, it droops. But it looks like the wings are inactive. Lots more features too.

I offer free updates on wings, as long as you trade in your old wings and I am still selling the wing version/type. (I have discontinued several older wings.) To get the upgrade, please put all your wings in a folder with your name in the folder title or in a notecard. Also in the folder title, please indicate how many wings are in the folder. Example - Kala Bijoux's wing upgrades 10 - or something. I am getting hit with the missing inventory bug so if I see that a folder should have 10 wings, but I only see one, I'll relog. And please be patient, so far I have kept up, but whew, hard to say what will happen in the next week.

I also managed to get a few new wings out.

These are wings designed for furry avatars. But they look striking on people avs too.

I also designed a new fairy wing.

Nothing is on SL boutique or Sl exchange yet - but I hope to get those updated today or tomorrow. And then on to more wings.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Where Has Kala Been?

First, I've been busy with our new island. We actually hired a builder this time and it's turning out very cool. Still lots of work left to do.

And then, just because I am apparently insane, we created a new version of our wings. These are really wonderful and do a ton of things the old wings didn't. I'm really really excited about these and can't wait to get them out. Ziggy (scripter, husband) is much more patient and wants to be sure we are ready to launch the new wings. We'll come to some sort of compromise.

I'm hoping to have the new island open sometime during next week. Hopefully there won't be any horrendous updates to screw this plan up. I had hope by this weekend, but since it's Thursday . . . chances are slim that it will happen.

In the meantime, this is my honktonk playlist that I am listening to while I push the pixels.

  • Balls" - Amy Rigby
  • "Westby" - Kathleen Edwards
  • "Neighborhood" - Tift Merritt
  • "Life Is Bad" - Shelby Lynne
  • "I Know" - Kim Richey
  • "Ridin' The Red Line" - Rhonda Vincent
  • "Here In The Blue" - Serena Matthews
  • "Sweet Side" - Lucinda Williams
  • "Gotta Be Better" - Shelby Lynne
  • "Upside Down" - Freakwater
  • "This Perfect Dress" - Maria Mckee
  • "London Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do)" - Heather Nova
  • "Everything is Free" - Gillian Welch
  • "Crackers Rule" - Kelly Hogan & The Pine Valley Cosmonautsy
  • "Something Less Than Something More" - Caitlin Cary and Thad Cockrell
  • "At Last" - Neko Case
  • "Back to Me" - Kathleen Edwards
  • "Next Door Down" - Stacey Earle
  • "When I Dream" - Nanci Griffith

Friday, December 01, 2006

Thoughts on RL companies

Have you visited any of these RL companies in SL?

I've visited the American Apparel store and one of the car sims. Clearly, the car sim was not successful since I don't even remember the name of the car or the maker. As for AA, I was familiar with them before, so I didn't really come away with anything. I might wear their clothes IRL, but my clothes in SL are pretty much whatever I can mash together. I visited them cause they were at the front of the line in building their store.

Now maybe if someone started making RL versions of Silent Sparrow clothes . . .?

People are certainly making money off RL companies coming to SL (if those prices are to be belived). The RL companies are also adding much needed capital to Linden Labs. But I haven't seen any company really ADD anything to SL that enriches MY experience yet. So far, that's all done by us pleebs.

I feel like SL is the web circa 1997 or 98 - when you'd wonder if the counter at the bottom of the webpage was just corporate employees visiting, cause there was nothing to see there.

Did RL companies ruin the web? They certainly changed it and took over some of the little guy's work. But, the content I spend the most time looking at (web wise) is still produced by the little guys. Blogs, Flickr, Youtube . . . that's not content produced by Yahoo or Google, even if they host the sites.

I predict that user driven content will continue to drive SL. Maybe I'll be wrong and we'll all be working for Microsoft or Acme Products R Us.


50% off wings that I am discontinuing! These will NOT be supported for new versions/updates. Or xcite features.