Thursday, May 11, 2006


I have a horrible case of Polka Dot Disease. I can't seem to design ANYTHING without polka dots these days. I like the retro polka dot look . . . but after I finished designing these today, I put on a leather jacket and baggy goth pants, (in SL of course).

I created these after reading the post over on Linden Lifestyles about the lack of cute shorts. And I couldn't get these out of my head. So I spent 2 days designing them.

I really should have been working on my shoes. I thought they were at the part where I get to put lots of pretty textures on them, but now I'm thinking of a retool on the shape. I gave the shoes to a picky (therefore good reviewer) friend and she wasn't crazy about the top of the shoes. So I have to study them again.

Sometimes I don't know why I put all this work into things. People have for sale stuff that is much less perfect than the stuff I try to put out. The shorts, for example, I probably won't sell that many, not enough to justify 2 days of design. I really should be working on wings. . . but we are waiting for the 1.9.1 release to do flexi stuff and I'm sorta bored with wings right now anyway.

So now . . . back to shoes.

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