Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alt Fair Stuffz - New Wings

The Alt Fair is raising money for a great charity - Nothing but Nets - which provides mosquito nets to people who cannot afford them in countries where malaria is a serious problem. Every 30 seconds a child in Africa dies from malaria and we CAN do something to stop it. Malaria also affects adults and nearly killed a family member of mine.

Because I love this charity so much and sometimes worldwide charities don't get much attention in SL, I have 5 new wings

These wings are at a special price of 199L each. 100% of the sales from the Ondine wings at the Alt faire goes to Nothing but Nets.

Please note that these wings are not a limited edition. They will be available in my store (at 299L) and not for the charity after the fair - this is a special fair pricing/offer. Possibly the rose color may be changed to a pinker color after the fair (making it a sort of limited edition ;))

And of course my usual fair special:
199L Flexi wings
399L Sculptie

TP to Material Squirrel's booth at the Alt Fair

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