Tuesday, May 04, 2010

79L Sculpted Wing Special

Introducing . . . Material Squirrel's 79L weekly wing special.

Here are the wings:

Sculpted wings - fully scripted as our all of our wings.

The goods:
Every week, my plan is to have a new set of wings at the special price of 79L. So look for new wings every Tuesday, unless real life gets in the way or SL has a really bad day. And yes, the first several (4?) of these will be recolors of this set of sculpted wings. If that offends you and you need to write nasty blog posts, well, ok then. But I think most of you will like the recolors :)

I may reintroduce these wings later, but NOT at this price. So these may or may not be limited editions, I haven't thought that far, but they won't be 79L again.

Oh, and I realize the wings on the demo stand aren't situated right. Ziggy will fix that when he gets home! If you have trouble seeing them, make your av way smaller. I know it's a pain, but he'll get it fixed soon!

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