Thursday, December 02, 2010

Limited Edition Fairies

The Limited Edition Fairy Avatars are now on sale, they are available at both Nomine & the Winged Isle sims, if they're sold out at one location, please feel free to check the other. There are also two of each listed on the marketplace, but once they're gone, they're gone. They will never be available again after this month. I won't be selling these wings in another color or any of the components.

Celynnen Green Fairy on the Marketplace and Here too

Siasmin Red Fairy available on the Marketplace and here too.

Lillia Purple Fae on the Marketplace and here too.

Firea Gold Fae on the Marketplace and here too.

Eirlys White Fairy is sold out on that marketplace.

We are selling only 20 of each complete avatar.
8 of each are at Material Squirrel
8 of each are at Nomine.
2 of each are at the Marketplace.

These are COMPLETE avatar sets and each includes no less than the following:
6 pairs of ears, matched to the included skins
6 skins, all with the same makeup, ranging in tone from china to mocha.
1 shape
1 hair/eyebrow base
1 pair of unscripted wings
1 voucher for scripted wing version
1 custom outfit
2 pairs of contacts and matching prim attachments
1 matching jewelry set containing a ring and a necklace
1 set of hair containing 30 individual hair colors

There are six fairies, one in each of the holiday colors ( that we could think of ), and everything in the sets is modiable in case you'd prefer to wear it with your own avatar :)

*We love you very much, thank you for your patience and your patronage <33

Munchflower Zaius & Kala Bijoux

PS - Iola is sold out on the marketplace!

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