Friday, December 17, 2010

New Flexi Angel Wings at Material Squirrel

Glory Angel Wings in Pink

Anahita Wings in White

Glory Angel Wings in Blue

Glory Angel Wings in White

Anahita Angel Wings in Black
All wings are our usual scripted wings - flexi.
Available at Material Squirrel - Taxi here
Also a reminder that the limited edition Christmas Fairies are here only until December 31st OR until they sell out. We've sold completely out of the White Fae. The Fae avatars make GREAT gifts - remember these are Limited Edition - a MAXIMUM of 20 people will own each of the sets - so you will NOT be seeing these wings and outfits in every club or rp sim. (Please IM Munchflower Zaius for gifting.) If you want a fae that very few people will have - try the gold fae - we've only sold 2 so not that many will be out there! These faes come with everything - skins, clothes, hair, wings, and accessories.

Post on the Christmas Fae Avatars

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