Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lupercalia - Full (limited edition) Demon Avs by Material Squirrel and Nomine

Nomine and Material Squirrel bring you limited edition Demon avs for Valentine's Day! Munch writes about it in much more detail on her blog (and you can see pictures of the 3 other avs). These come with everything - skin, eyes, shape, hair, horns, tails, and wings. The wings are sculpted and 2 of them are sculpted with flexi parts. If you aren't really in the market for a demon av, keep these in mind for the wings alone. These wings will NOT be resold or repackaged as normal wings. It's your chance to own a limited edition set of wings that few other people have. It's a great way to get almost a custom job and to have the satisfaction of knowing that if you go to a club event for wings, the chances of someone else wearing the same wings are very very small.

More details to come soon - and again, check out Nomine's blog for more details!

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