Monday, January 03, 2011

Hair Base Sculpts

Sometimes I make full perm sculpt kits* under my Grim Grum brand. I'm putting them on the Material Squirrel blog because I don't do these kits often enough to warrant their own blog.

I've created some hair bases for hair designers. I did a few of these for a friend and realized there was nothing like this on the marketplace. These hair bases fit the basic shape of the av skull, so you will have a covered base to work from. Yet they are not one full block so you can move things around as necessary. You will need to make adjustments for different head shapes and different ear shapes, but the basic base is there. (And also it needs more prims, like bangs or just more hair).

Each of the hair bases comes with:
- full perm sculpt maps (with alpha protection)
- 3 full perm sample hair textures (black, blonde and red)
- copy & modify hair base build example
- sculpty builder kit to help you build item

They are available at Grim Grum In World

Or on the marketplace:
Bun Base
Pigtail Base
Updo Back Part Base

Thank you for looking!

*I don't sell my wing sculpts full perm EVER. Please don't ask, because I will say no.

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