Thursday, March 01, 2012

Material Squirrel at March Mesh Madness Fair

Material Squirrel has several new mesh horns and tails available at the March Mesh Madness Fair. The Arna Horns are the fair special - for each color pack! (10L for dark pack, 10L for light pack). These horns are scripted with 6 textures each, size change, and animations. PLUS they include a petite mesh version (for Yabusaka Loon's petite fairy mesh).

You can see the horns and tails available at the fair on my flickr page and I'll be blogging them for the next few days as well.

This is the second to last fair I will do this year (the next is the Fantasy Faire in April).

A few other things:
I moved my subscriber list to a different system - it won't change how you get notices, etc. (It allows me to have a lower cost per month and avoid the new throttle limit.) BUT I did lose 700 subscribers when I switched so please check if you aren't getting notices from me.

Also - many of you are crazy about the new petite mesh avs from Yabusaka Loon - I love them too! Many of Material Squirrel's wings do not size down far enough to fit these little creatures - I'm working on it! If you have a set of wings that you would like to fit, please please let me know and I will fit them for you.

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