Monday, September 15, 2008

Black Fire by Haunted Zuzu

Hello my Dearlings,

My pixie spider minions would like to tell you that this dress is premiering today at noon (SL time) in the Passions of the Black Swan Fashion show. (for direct link - SL URL).

Today through Sept. 30th, the dress will only be available on the Black Swan sim. Half of the proceeds on this dress go to the Black Swan sim upkeep, etc. My darlings, I truly believe in supporting the arts as I was tortured by my fellow dodgeball players in PE as a child. The dark dreary child in the corner is soooo much fun, apparently. And thus, I support the arts because where else do misfit kids turn to but drawing severed unicorn heads?

The spiders worked hard on this dress, so please do go out and support them as well. Or I will give them 10 lashing each and they will cry black diamond tears.

Don't make the spiders cry,
HauntedZuzu Sorbet

PS - We are looking at creating another blog for the Haunted Zuzu line but we'll continue to spam you on this one until THAT one gets added to the Fashion Planet feed.

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