Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fantasy Faire - Coming Soon!

Material Squirrel has a booth at the Fantasy Faire that opens on Monday. And I have LOTS of goodies for this show.

I've designed 4 new styles of wings. For each style, I've done a limited edition color that will benefit Relay for Life. These colors will be available ONLY during the Faire. After that, they will be gone forever.

Here are the Arch Demon in Tatters Wings - the Envy green. Special thanks to Customer X for suggesting this. AND I'm so sorry I can't find the notecard you gave me suggesting it. I'd like to thank you in person (well, via IM) but I can't find your name!

These are the Evadne Wings in Sand. The Evadne wings have a lovely watercolor effect. They are my new favorites.

And I'll post more pictures and stuff on Monday (along with a SL URL), but this is just a small teaser taste.

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