Thursday, April 23, 2015

Finally - Mesh Wings!

Hi Everyone,

I finally made some mesh wings!

I had this big novel in my head to describe why it took so long and some of the changes we've made. But here is the shorter version - we stripped down some of the features to make scripting easier and redesigned the HUD for a more streamlined look.

Biggest change - no droop position. I wrestled with this one a lot, but it was one of the things holding me back (I've never liked making the droop positions on wings, I always feel like they don't come out well), and mesh doesn't work like sculpties, so you can't have the wings themselves change - so you would always have an invsi prim of the non drooped wing (which would drive me NUTS). I'm not ruling drooped wings for the future, I just ruled it out in order to finally make something.

Changes you asked for - change the size of the HUD (done! and if you have problems, let me know, I can make it bigger/smaller etc very easily). Put colors on a HUD so you don't have 20 different versions of 1 wing in your inventory.

So onto the wings!

These are currently available at the Fantasy Faire - which runs April 23rd through May 3rd.

These are the RFL items (the specific color sets), all proceeds go to benefit RFL and while I may have them in my store for a few months in case anyone can't get into the Faire, they won't be around long (but you might see them at next year's faire).

These are NOT RFL items but also available at the Faire:

All are 100% original mesh. 249 per color pack.

The Faire is wonderful this year (as always) and there are so many things to explore and look at besides the wonderful shopping.

I also have a flexi wing set for Fairies and Petites available as a Hunt prize! I haven't photographed them yet but keep an eye on my flickr for photos.

And the LM to my location at the Faire:

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