Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Quest for Fashion

My biggest concern with the demise of the forums is . . . where am I going to find new designers and cool new places to shop???

Ok, so it's not a huge deal and some might argue that the loss of forums like the scripting/building/design forums is worse as it leaves people without a place to go for help.

But for me, I do 2 things in SL - I create stuff (mostly wings, sometimes clothes) and I buy stuff.

The stuff I buy is mostly clothes, hair, and shoes. Basically, I play a digital version of Barbie dolls - you know, dressing up, combining outfits, hair, shoes. Etc.

I know I'm not the only woman who enjoys SL for the fashion aspect.

The Lindens say that blogs and in world classifieds will replace the classifieds on the forum.

I decided to test the 2nd half of that theory. I search in the classifieds for "new" "new dress" "new clothes " "new flexi" and I went to every place that looked semi-promising. I even went to a few that did not look at all promising.

All I found that was new and exciting, was this killer outfit:Outfit is by Alter Ego Clothing
They have 4 outfits in their store (with different color combinations) and they are all pretty darn cool. There are a few minor details that need work - like the arm bands that don't line up and the top of the shirt that goes across the shoulders (that's a tricky area).

Hair: Kin Keiko
Skin: Munchflower Zaius
Shoes: Galacticaz - really cool shoes but I can't find the name of the maker.

So . . . . the moral is . . . yes, you can find something new. But damn, that's a lot of work. I hope blogs DO fill the gap. Or this girl won't really spend much money in SL.

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Avery Webb said...

Heya, this is Avery Webb of Alter Ego, I just ran across your blog. :)

As for the arm bands issue, this is being addressed with a new line of prim armbands, belts and shoes i'll be releasing very soon :)

Thanks for the support!

-Avery Webb