Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Taking a wee break & New Stuff

I'm taking a design break from SL for a while. Not a looong time, just a few days or a week or so. My creative SL battery has run low and I really need to recharge. Everytime I open photoshop, I sigh and there's a loud screech. That's my brain running to a halt.

Before anyone panics (ha!), I doubt I'll be gone for long, just a week or so.

I will still be around for any customer service issues. And I'll be playing tringo - of course.

I don't have any new designs out (see above) but I did finally release our Xcite! compatible wings. These wings respond to your touch and work with the Xcite! products to increase arousal, etc. Everyone who has tried it has loved it - so give it a whirl if that's your scene.

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