Sunday, February 04, 2007

Demon Wings - New!

The first is the Thethra Demon Wing in Black
On SL Exchange
On SL Boutique

The second set is the Volkh Demon Wings. I've listed them on the websites in packs (great deal if you want them all) but you can get them separately at Winged Isle (Material Squirrel) in world.
On SL Exchange
On SL Boutique

I can't seem to send any notices to my group. I think it's the huge amount of people on SL, but it's a bummer. I got a couple of group notices today, but the groups are way smaller than mine.

PS - I've gotten several freebies from SilentSparrow's group. I love her clothes, so getting extra freebies is just wonderful :)

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lieve said...


I'm a rl writer for the Belgian ELLE magazine and i want to write an article on fashion in second life. i'm looking for people to interview (via e-mail), hi res pics (or stuff thta can be published in a RL magazine) of good creations, interesting stories etc.
Feel like helping me out or know somebody who can help me?

Send me an e-mail!

Thanks in advance! You get a free belgian ELLE with your pics in!