Monday, April 21, 2008

New Product - ColorFX color changing scripts

A new product add-on available for Material Squirrel 4.2.1

This product was created by Kim Ninetails and we loved it so much that we decided to work with Kim to bring it all of our customers. (And yes, we are profit sharing with Kim since she did the main work.)

ColorFX is a script that you add to your wings to get the color effects. The effects include emotional color options - like heartbeat, dead, and other cool things. My favorite is the color flows - which cycle the wings through colors.

This works best with certain wings - such as the Avalon wings or the Storm wings. I have a list up at the WingFling with what wings work best.

Available - or check out the demo at:

At the WingFling Fair

soon to be in our store, need to get that setup!


denis said...

i will buy that script. Congatulations for your work:since i am here i wear one of those. I always wear the first i take in your shop there's a long long time ago: the winter frozen ones that doen't exist now: a collector!
pass to see me sometimes inworld or there:

denis said...

and a little thing more : as you could have seen i am french and not very good in english language :))))

Kala Bijoux said...

Glad you like the script, Denis!

denis said...

Seems that i can't modify the script of my wings to put th color fx ones on mine. Gabriel grande angel wings for example don't allowed me to put new scripts in the content tab. Is that the way it should be with this sort of wings or is there only some kink that works?