Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Skirt Single to benefit Wheelies

My friend Sasy Scarborough put in a request to all her friends to help raise money for the Wheelies group in SecondLife.

I really wanted to help out and also create something new. But these days I am so short on time and I still haven't done the the Relay for Life angel wings yet (they are in progress tho!). But I did remember this skirt single that I had almost finished, so yesterday, I put the finishing touches on it.

And here it is:

I changed the skirt singles a bit - I removed some of the old styles since one had massive texture transparency flicker issues and the other I didn't like. So you still get a nice mid-length (pictured, full color in ad), but also now you get a shorter length(greyscale full image), and an extra-long ball room gown length (not pictured).

The skirt pack is only 100L and all the proceeds from this skirt sale go directly to Wheelies.

And I should add, once the fundraiser is done, I will not be selling this skirt - it's a limited time dealie-o. I prefer charity raising products to be like that - so you know you are getting something special! And if you feel like 100L is too little, I placed a donation kiosk right below the ad, so drop a little more in the pool.

Available in world, at my store

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