Thursday, May 22, 2008

Violent Nightmare fashion show

A shot from the Violent Nightmare fashion show. I was there, but very briefly as RL called in the form of dinner and a baby who needed to sleep. I keep hearing about these babies who just sleep all the time. That is not MY baby.

Skin - Nomine
Hair - Philotic Energy
Clothes - Sn@tch

I wish I'd caught the model's name.


Ivey Deschanel said...

Thanks soo much for coming Kala even for a short time. It was incredibly fun and went so much better than I expected. I really wanted to show people that you dont have to just do the standard fashion show with agencies and professional models that all look alike. I'm so floaty today and I'm so proud of the Sn@tch models and grateful to work with such amazing designers on this. We'll definitely do it again....but not any time soon (I'm exhausted) lol

And the model's name is ElenaLuna Robbiani btw


Alabama Smalls said...

Kala I am right there with you! My baby is not much of a sleeper either! Glad you came to the show last night1

Kala Bijoux said...

Thanks for the info :)