Sunday, June 08, 2008

Monster Truck Wings are Back!

The Monster Truck Wings (our HUGE size of wings) are now back in the store with the new upgraded 4.2.1 features. I also managed to get a few new styles out for these wings.

Please note that these wings are as large as prims can go (without mega prims) so the size change works in the smaller direction. These wings differ from the normal 4.2.1 wings as they go a bit larger and the textures are made to specifically work with larger prims. Due to the size, however, the fit is NOT perfect so please use the demo stand before buying. If you are looking for a pefect fit, these are probably not the wings for you.

Upgrades - Give me a few days and I will have the info for people who wish to upgrade their old Monster Truck Wings! I plan to do something a little special for the upgrades due to the price change of the MTV wings.

Location in world -
Material Squirrel Wings

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