Monday, June 30, 2008

On Camping, the old and the new

Material Squirrel has been displaced by another wing vendor for the number one slot when you search (top right corner) for wings. I'm a bit sad, but that's how the cookie crumbles. I will NOT be adding a pay to add this location to your picks type dealio at this time. I'll never say never, since who knows what market forces may occur. But in general, I believe that if you make a quality product and market it within the normal guidelines, you should not have to resort to gaming the system.

I am old enough in SL years to remember when people first started using camping. A lot of people were up in arms about it. It made searching so difficult because sometimes I'd teleport to the top spot in the search and I'd find 5 items on the wall and 20 campers. I remember one store that I went to and it was similar - now they are a very established brand but I still won't shop there.

Perhaps this is sour grapes. Maybe. There are plenty of people who will argue that any marketing measure you can use, whether some might feel it is gaming the system, or not, is fair. Perhaps. I still feel tho that if you make a quality product and get the word out, you won't need to pay people to advertise for you.


Cala, Wired Faerie said...

I applaud your fairness! At the same time, it can help you to show your customers how to help you back. Your wings are such an amazing deal, I recommend them word-of-mouth to many friends, and I'm happy to use one of my Picks to legitimately elevate your listing in search. If you would consider a brief how-to on putting your wings in Search I bet many of us would follow it and keep it up to date. :) Keep rockin!

Achariya Rezak said...

No fear, I know where the good wings come from. *hugs* Hang in there.

Noelyci said...

Loved your wings as long as I've been in SL and I remember when you opened your shop. I think traffic is a bs thing anyway. It should be word of mouth that causes people to buy. Keep up the faith.



Kala Bijoux said...

Thanks everyone :) I always appreciate word of mouth, it's the best advertising :)

To put Material Squirrel in your picks, teleport to our location (you can go via my picks). Go to the picks tab and hit "new". You can change the text/picture etc :)