Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monster Truck Wings - Upgrade Info

Please follow these instructions to upgrade your existing Material Squirrel Monster Truck wings upgraded to Version 4.2.1

1 - Please RETURN the old wings to Kala Bijoux in a folder with your name in the folder title OR in a notecard IN the the folder with your name in it .

2 - In the Folder name (or notecard), please indicate the Number of wings in the folder (example: Kala's Wings - 10 Wings).

3 - Please indicate in a notecard IN the folder which extra set of wings you would like. You can choose from ANY of our wings. Please be sure to include the full name of the wings you'd like.

4 - If you have more than 10 wings, please break them into separate folders - 10 wings each.

5 - You do NOT have to change the wing names back to their original names.


Version 4.2.1 is NO TRANSFER so please be sure you give me the wings from the avatar you want to receive them!

***Upgrade bonus - I have lowered the price on the MTV wings. To make up for that, upgrades on the MTV wings will get a bonus wing of their choice (if they follow the direction correctly!). If you don't specify a wing you'd like, I will just give you one of my choosing.

If you give me a discontinued wing, I will give you back the original wing.

Wing upgrades are free.

Offer is good on Material Squirrel wings ONLY. If I didn't make 'em, I won't upgrade them.

I will upgrade any previous version of my wings.

Version 4.2.1 is the latest version for all flexi wing sizes and shapes. If you have that version, then you do not need an upgrade.

Future upgrades will be automated! Thank you for your patience!
Thank you,
Kala Bijoux

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