Thursday, January 22, 2009

Demented Bunny Hats - This Season's Must Have fashion accessory

What is the one Must Have accessory for this season? SL Fashionistas are clamoring for this item for their closets . . . and why?

Because Demented Bunny hats are so versatile! They can be worn anywhere!

Whether you are hanging out in the garden:

Or hunting monsters in the sewers:

Broken hearted and homicidal:

In ChouChou, taking pictures of your favorite fashion getup:

You too can get your very own Demented Bunny Hat (also available Disturbed Monkey hat) at Haunted Zuzu or Nomine. Comes with hair too so you don't have to spend forever editing hair only to curse madly. Demos are available because we love you.

Demented Bunny Hats are brought to you by the folks at Material Squirrel/Haunted Zuzu and Pretty Vermin Hair (Nomine). It's about damn time we made something together because we talked about it long enough.

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