Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Build by Ando Joubert

A month ago, I was browsing the fashion planet feed and I saw an amazing build for Evie's Closet by Ando Joubert. And it just so happens, I was looking for a builder. My usual one was not available. I'd talked to several builders, but most showed me modern builds and I really wanted something unusual. Modern buildings are lovely, but a wing store needs a different feel.

I'm still working on the garden portion, I feel it needs something more than these lovely trees and tons of flowers, but I haven't figured it out yet.

I'm so pleased with how this build came out. Ando did an excellent job, really capturing a feel and working with me.

The new build opening also has new wings. Which I will be blogging about soonish.

I also have new free wings in the works to the Material Squirrel group and my subscribe-o-matic group. I'd hoped these to be a nice virtual stocking stuffer, but RL stuff (snow!) did not allow me to get as much work done as I'd hoped.


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