Thursday, May 07, 2009

Sculpted Phoenix, Blue Bird and Inspired Sparrow Wings

New wings - inspired by sparrow wings, these new sculpted wings are for the birds (and angels and other winged creatures). Note that I said inspired because I did not follow the anatomy of a sparrow wing all that closely.

I also did a Phoenix version because many people have requested Phoenix wings. And also a Blue Bird version. Make a little bird house in your soul!

And also - um, so these are only 299L. Why? Because the fold position is not a true fold (like the other two types of sculpted wings) so we had to do way less work with the scripts, sculpt maps, and texutures. I think the fold position still looks nice, but because it was less work, therefore it cost less.

Material Squirrel In World

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Pay said...

Wow! I saw someone wearing those wings last week and was impressed. Very nice!