Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Profile Rewards - New Wings

Everyday, the profile rewards will now cycle through a new wing (well, 9 of them).

For the first few days, we have the Krayl Wings:

Today is the Bright Red Krayl wings.

Then on Sunday, we'll move to the Sylph wings:

Here's how it works:

You put the Material Squirrel location in your picks in your profile (or just smile and skip this step if you've already done it).
You wait about 48 hours, unless you were smart enough to put the pick into your profile earlier.
Then you go here (in world location).
Click the sign, get your new free wings.

If you don't get your wings AND you've had the pick in your profile for more than 48 hours, please do not curse me with a cloud of man-eating chibi monkeys. Simply IM Kala Bijoux with the name of the wing for that day and say you couldn't get it and I will get it to you. I'm not trying to cheat anyone. The Lindens have recently monkeyed with the code/database for this so that's why it hasn't been working.

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