Friday, April 03, 2009


A long long time ago, the SL universe was young and Ziggy and I made you all cry.

Well, ok, we made a scripted attachment that emits particle tears. And then aside from one small update, we didn't do anything else to it. But recently, I've dusted off this ancient product and updated it.
- 2 textures for enhanced realism (new texture too, not the old one!)
- Easy touch Menu (touch nose) or chat command /99 menu
- separate eye controls - Left/Right
- Change Speed & Amount
- change color (set of preset colors)
- mod/copy

I've also created a blood tears model:

Available at Material Squirrel Main Store

For the same ancient price we've always charged for these 85L

Updates - I'm not offering free updates for these unless you purchased a set in the last month (and I can find that transaction in my transaction history). Since this product is no transfer and we did not include update scripts in these, I have no way of updating them/confirming ownership. And they are only 85L.

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