Thursday, March 26, 2009

2009 Relay for Life Angel Wings

Yep, I'm spamming you with all of the colors. Because this is for a REALLY good cause. Other than that, you know I try to spare the feeds and stuff all the colors.

2009 Relay for Life Angel Wings -all proceeds go to Relay for Life

Limited Edition - once RFL ends in July, these flexi scripted wings will no longer be available for sale.

Cost -299L
If you pay less, your payment will be considered a DONATION and you will not receive wings. Please do be sure to pay the correct amount.

If you purchase wings from the pose stand, I will pay your donation into the kiosk on my store. If this makes you uncomfortable, please pay to the vendor boxes with RFL. These are scripted to take the donation from my account and directly send it to the RFL account.

I did mention making some sculptie chibi wings for this, but they really did not come out as I wanted. And I decided rather than fight with it for months and weeks, I'd make some flexi wings and get them out there. Sculpties are still a learning process for me.

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