Friday, May 25, 2007

Sculpties & Other Thoughts

I'm having fun watching the new sculptie products come out. PixelDolls really showed us the possibilities of sculpties and I also like Launa Fauna's jean legs. In general, I think fashion designers are embracing sculpties faster than they did flexi prims. Of course, there is the learning curve involved, which is considerable, unless you already have 3D modeling experience. I'd take a class, if I could find one. But Ziggy and I are muddling along ok and figuring out a few things. Right now I have Wings 3D open cause Blender is just not working with my brain, it completely baffles me. The menus aren't intuitive and most things rely on keyboard shortcuts, which I have a hard time remembering. For example, if you press 1 on the numbers pad in Blender, you are taken back to the front original view. But if you press 1 on the keyboard above Q, well . . . I don't know what happens, but it really messes things up. And undo won't fix it.

One of the gals at Linden Lifestyles mentioned not too long ago that she wanted to see more colors than red or black, and different colors mixed together. Based on my most recent clothes line, I can say, that the reason people aren't making things in different colors is cause they aren't selling. My red & black outfits sold the best. Of course, I did get pretty wild with the colors. But I really had fun with the colors more for me than for anyone else, which is good, cause most everyone else was not interested, evidently.

Big thanks to all the fashion bloggers who blogged my new stuff, including:
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