Monday, May 21, 2007

You should make this Hairstyle cause I can't but I will buy it.

If I could wrangle prims, I'd totally make this hair. But I can't (tho I'm having more luck with sculpties). So some talented hair maker should make this hair. Isn't it adorable???

I NEED this hair in SL. Just maybe not in blonde, cause I am not fond of blonde hair in SL (it never looks right). Pink and white would be awesome.


elka said...

Oooh, wow this IS gorgeous! I ASKED KIN KEIKO TO MAKE IT!!!! Gave her your link. I hope she does, in the original color for me and in pink for you :P

Pulse said...

Check out Helyanwe Vindaloo's Deviant Kitties. She has a style veryyy similar to this called Sammy. It's on her website if you want it check it out. I just got this morning and I loveeee.

Ivey Deschanel (Pulse)

Helyanwe said...

I did make this hair. Someone sent me this picture. as the above poster said.. "Sammy" xD