Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dragonfly Wings

I think I am incapable of making dragonfly wings that look like normal pretty dragonfly wings. Mine always have to be, well, very different. This is my second attempt at dragonfly wings - at least this time I got the shape right! I do like these wings - they are wonderful colors!

If anyone is looking for more realistic dragonfly wings, I am going to refer you (and anyone else who asks) to Jen Shikami of Seven's Selections. She has a very nice set of dragonfly wings that are far more realistic than my fantastical colored ones.

We finished the upgrades to version 4.2.1 at the store yesterday. I think we finally re-opened at midnight. Thanks to Alexis Stapovic for helping me and to everyone for their patience. I know Saturday is a stupid day to close, but it's one of the days that Ziggy is here to help me with our baby. I detailed the new version features in my last blog post. The size change I think is the best - and you can see this feature via the pose stands!

If you have existing Material Squirrel wings to upgrade, please give us another week. We are putting a process in place to make it a bit easier on me and ensure that a ton of wings don't get dumped (and then lost to the SL inventory monster) on me at once. Which will also ensure that people get all their wings. We are shooting for next weekend to have this system in place. And then we will begin giving people numbers - like a lunch counter (mmm, ham wings!). The best way to stay on top of this is to join my update group - Material Squirrel.


Jen Shikami said...

Ooh, thanks for referrals, Kala! Just wandered in here via flickr to check these out. No wonder you were talking about dragonfly wings!

These have a neat sort of metallic sheen to them. I think the multicolored ones are my fave -- but I'm biased, I love crazy colors!

Kala Bijoux said...

Thanks Jen :)