Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wing Upgrades

Photo by Elysium Eilde, featuring the Black and White Angel Wings

Wing Upgrades. Yes, we are now ready.

First, let me just say that I really appreciate everyone's patience on this. I have a lot of 4.0 wings out there, so we had to set up a system to make upgrades a bit easier on me. In the future, all upgrades will be completely automated. But this time, I am asking my customers to help me by doing a bit more work.

The upgrades signs are now up. And this is how it works:

1) You need to be a group member of the group - Material Squirrel. For now. In a week, I'll open it up to everyone but for this week, I am restricting it to my group as a group perk. (And yes, if you have a free group slot, you can join, get your upgrades and leave.)

2) Go to the Material Squirrel store and go over to the signs on the opposite side from the demon sculptie wings (SL URL at the bottom of this post too). Click on the Step 1 sign.

3) You will get a message giving you a number if you are standing close enough to the sign.

4) Wait until you get a notecard with further instructions.

5) When notified, you will need to give me a folder of the wings to upgrade. The notecard will have specifics on how to give me back the wings. Please do read it. If you give me the wings before you get notified, I will give them back to you. I really do need the process to be followed or it won't work on my end.

6) After I get your wings back, I will process your upgrade. You will receive another notification and you will need to go back to the Material Squirrel store. Click on the Step 2 sign to receive your new wings. If you have more than 10 wings being upgraded, click the Step 2 sign again (it processes 10 wings at a time).


And one more thing - the upgraded wings will be NO TRANSFER.


1 comment:

Atriel said...

"5) When notified, you will need to give me a folder of the wings"

Can you elaborate on how we will be notified? Via IM, Notecard, or is getting the instructions themselves the notification? (I don't want to screw up and lose my wings)