Wednesday, February 20, 2008

This and That

Photo by Elysium Eilde, featuring Autumn Rainbow and Jade Dragonfly wings.

The Dazzle Viewer - If you try to reposition your HUD (any HUD), it will snap back to the default position. The work around is to reposition the HUD in the regular client and then it stays there in the Dazzle client.

Yabusaka Loon is our featured sculpture this month at our sculpture space. He writes more about his setup and products in his blog (see previous link) and has pictures so go look there or better yet, go look at our main store on Winged Isle.

Elysium did a bunch of promo photos for me and they all rock. She has them in her flickr account, but I'll be featuring them here on my blog slowly but surely. Blog posts are just better with pictures and I rarely have time to take any but ad box shots. If you are looking for good photos, I recommend her. Just don't make her so busy that I can never hire her again, hehe.

I'm working on some new wings, but having trouble with them. And that's it.

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